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If you trade with foreign countries you risk over 30.000€ in fines and penal consequences by using wrong customs codes (*)

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(*) Assuming the minimum penalty on a shipment with a border value of €50.000, mistakenly taking advantage of a duty at 4% instead of 12% according to Art. 303 paragraph 3 Presidential Decree 43/1973

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NE-O is used by thousands of companies who have decided to save time and avoid expensive mistakes in their commercial relations with foreign countries






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  • Facilità d'uso e tempi rapidi nella risposta ne fanno un valido strumento a supporto delle esportazioni.

    Fidia farmaceutici S.p.A.
  • Ottimo servizio.

    MD S.p.A.
  • Siamo molto contenti del servizio.

    Tecnica Tre S.r.l.

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Say goodbye to complex procedures

Quickly obtaining an accurate and correct custom code will save you time and resources. With NE-O you obtain and manage your customs codes online in a few simple clicks

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When trading internationally the classification of products for customs purposes can be difficult and counterintuitive, discover some examples of misclassifications

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Speed and accuracy

In a few hours, a complete or partial 4 to 10-digit code (TARIC) chosen by an expert

Reliability and security

The data sent will be 100% protected and will not be shared with third parties.

Always reliable data

Consult an always updated database on which thousands of companies operate

NE-O’s advantages

Forget the hours spent searching for a match between your products and the thousands of existing customs codes. NE-O will do all the work for you, just a few simple clicks

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In recent years, our customs consultancy services have contributed to an exponential growth in our revenue.

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